Sunny Gray Hare
$ 129.00
Black Babuino
$ 92.00
Zapotec Vampiro
$ 218.00
Blue Mofeta
$ 164.00
Reading Giraffe
$ 145.00
Burro Saxophone
$ 46.00
Blue Brassy Cat
$ 65.00

Amor Valentine & 12 Chocolates

Valentine Amor Milagros and Chocolate

We received a small assortment of Milagros winged Cherubs for Valentines 2016.  These are painted in the theme of the Valentine Holiday.  For only $19 you get twelve Oaxacabar Chocolates with each Amor Valentine Cherub purchase!  Show those you love your appreciation for hand painted art and the highest grade Cacao chocolates from Oaxaca.


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2016 Arrives with New Chocolate

Port Wahakaa goes into it's 20th year of existence with the arrival of several special new artists works and a batch of high quality Cacao Chocolate Bars.  As each batch is slightly different these bars are characterized by an intensity that goes beyond the darkest of dark chocolate.  Two bars would satisfy any chocolate craving.  All the health benefits of whole bean Cacao. 

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Fresh Cacao Chocolate & New Works

October has brought forth a small batch of the finest chocolates of incredible freshness.  They literally melt in your mouth.  Every batch has different characteristics and this one is has an intense finish.  Only two small bars would suffice any chocolate aficionados palate as they are whole bean (not butter) chocolate.  This is the chocolate the makers of chocolate eat.

Oaxaca Chocolate Cacao Originals

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