100 Oaxacabar Chocolates August 2020 Batch

$ 24.95
Brand: Oaxacabar
About the New Batch: Fresh Arrived August 2020. Mayan style roasted cacao bean dark chocolate flavor. You can actually taste the toasted bits of cacao fused with hints of cinnamon.

This is a full sheet quantity of 100% Cacao Bean chocolates. Perfect for entertaining. 100 individually wrapped in gold foil chocolates.

Oaxcabar's main ingredient are freshly ground locally sourced cacao beans. Lightly mixed with cane sugar then blended with hints of cinnamon followed by a slight dusting of almond. The bean pods are harvested from surrounding rain forest plantations in Oaxaca and Chiapas. Every batch of our handmade artisan chocolates will have a slightly different but similar taste depending on time of year. Try some and reap the health benefits of REAL Cacao.

Dairy/Milk free Vegan
24 calories per bar
Gluten free
Less than 1 gram of fat per bar
No Preservatives of any kind
Made from locally sourced cacao beans in the chocolate pod (not butter)