COVID-19 Prevention

Safety first and safety always. Originating in Southern Mexico Oaxacan Woodcarvings made for Port Wahakaa are done in small home studios. So far Oaxaca has had fewer than 60 reported cases (as of April 17, 2020) which is pretty negligible. The artist villages are in the remote outskirts of the city so the numbers get even more dispersed.

When ourĀ  artists completeĀ a commissioned order which takes anywhere from 3 months to over a year the pieces are packed and shipped to Port Wahakaa where the outer shipping material is discarded by one individual in the proximity of two dogs (a pug and a lab). The pug has been known to growl at the owls. Once inspected, photographed, and inventoried the alebrijes, festivos, and animalitos are sealed and put into 72F/22C degree climate controlled storage.

The alebrijes we ship have been touched by fewer than 5 individuals and along the way have been always wrapped for protection. Oaxaca at the time of this writing has been spared most of the COVID-19 crisis. Port Wahakaa has been 100% online mail order since closing our brick and mortar store back in 2002. Collectors can breath a sigh of relief knowing everything seen online has never circulated in the public. Everything we sell is new and kept in immaculate condition going to customers never touched by the outside world.

We go out of our way to say this because we know a lot of Mexican shops sell their store traffic inventory where people can handle the merchandise. Something you see on their site may be sitting in the showroom being picked up and handled throughout the day. Gathering dust, finger oils, and being exposed to the elements. At Port Wahakaa you can have piece of mind you are the first customer to handle your work of art woodcarving.