Folklore in the Mixtec and Zapotec region talk about owls as guardians to the underworld which was accessed by caves. Consequently many artists portray this revered subject as surreal as seen here in this stone gray cave owl. Medium to large scale piece serves to symbolize entry into an unearthly realm with the back wings in a llameante fiery fusion of orange and reds.

• Hand Carved and Meticulously Sanded
• Punctiliously Painted by Hand
• Signature Signed by the Artist
• Genuine Oaxacan Carving made from Ocote wood of the Sierra Madre
• 2 Wings separate from Body for Easy Shipping
• Origin of This Carving is the village San Pedro Cajonos
• Ascetically One of a Kind Celebrated Mexican Folk Art
• Best of the best Top Tier Piece

Dimensions 11" wide x 6" tall (medium-large)