'But do you have any Chinchillas' is a question often asked.  Ring tailed chinchilla with a look of surprise.  Whiskers pink nose, paws, and ears.  Lovable carving in a patchwork camouflage of blue flowers and vines.  

• Carved by Hand with Simple Tools
• Thoroughly Sanded to a Porcelain Finish
• Painstakingly Painted by Hand
• Confidently Signed by the Artist
• Ascetically One of a Kind Celebrated Mexican Folk Art
• All In One Carving With Removable Tail
• Origin of This Carving is the village of San Martin Tilcajete
• Timeless Collectable Keepsake Made By Humans Who Dream Big

Dimensions Approx. 5" L x 4 1/2" tall (Small)

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