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Entropic Oxen

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The beasts of burden rival any tractor in size and brawn.  Butterflies and imaginary flowers mirror the surreal fields where this creature roams.  This is only one of a handful of Genoveva's works we've had in the gallery and they are all uniquely beautiful in dazzling color choices.

Dimensions Approx. 9" L x 3" tall

" Hi -- I bought a couple of very nice
 carvings from your website a few days ago and
 wanted to say thank you for the meticulous packing job you did.

I also wanted to ask if you're the same person(s) who used
to have a shop in Rehoboth Beach, DE about fifteen years ago.  
I live in Northern Virginia and travel often to Rehoboth during the summer,
so I had a chance to buy a couple of pieces from that shop (while it was open).  
If that WAS your shop, I just wanted to tell you how much I miss your presence
in Rehoboth, how happy I am to find you on the web"