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Espectacular Dragón Verde

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Very rare to rare the works our gallery has received in the last 20 years has been less than six pieces.  Gabino Reyes is the venerated and celebrated artist of La Union. Considered as esteemed and influential as Manuel Jimenez of Arrazola or Isidoro Cruz of San Martin he has mentored all the other artists of his village and their works all pay homage to the look and feel of his works.

This is an incredibly precious dragon as it portrays all the folk art purity of Mayan dragons.  Flying reptiles that appear long and slender.  Crocodillian long rows of teeth, ridged backside, sporting fins, and scaled wings.  A piece that emits an enigmatic departure into the metaphysical.

Dimensions Approx. 9" L x 10" wide (large)