Indigo otter in a familiar free standing posture by Arrazola's Moises Jimenez.  Curious and full of personality the Jimenez family are the first carvers to add acrylic paint to their copal pieces.  An authentic Jimenez carving is instantly recognizable for it's soft features and cartoonish expression with an uncanny ability to use eye catching colors.

• Unequivocally Carved by Hand and Skillfully Sanded
• Assiduously Painted With Brushes
• Signed by the Artist
• Bona fide Oaxacan Carving made from prized Copal Wood
• Single Piece Body Carving
• Origin of This Carving is the village of Arrazola
• Distinguished Indian Heritage One of a Kind Mexican Folk Art

Dimensions Approx 6 1/2 tall  x 7" L (medium)

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