Sidewinders are the legendary snakes of the southwest United States and northwestern Mexico. The name comes from it's way it moves across the desert sands. Javier Blas takes the realism of his pit vipers to the next level. Figure eight in shape this serpent has impressive bulk and contoured dimensions.  

• Hand Carved and Meticulously Sanded
• Distinctively Painted by Hand
• Signature Signed by the Artist
• Genuine Oaxacan Carving made from Ocote wood of the Sierra Madre
• Ingeniously Carved from a Single Piece of Wood
• Origin of This Carving is the village San Pedro Cajonos
• Ascetically One of a Kind Celebrated Mexican Folk Art
• Museum Grade Masterwork Top Tier Piece

Dimensions Approx. 7" L x 5" wide (Medium)

One West Texas rancher speaking to his daughters said this of rattlesnakes: “Rattlesnakes are not evil. God put them here, to teach us. They teach us to respect the land. They never ever attack people just to hurt us – we are monsters to them, huge clumsy monsters. Rattlers rattle at us to tell us and cows – and buffalo back in the old days – that they want everything to go around them and not step on them. They only bite us when we are being careless, or when we are trying to kill them and do a bad job of it. We did not put the rattlesnake on this Earth, girls, and we do not have the right to rid the Earth of them.”

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