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Ardilla Indica

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The Ratufa Indica squirrel has a conspicuous two-toned color scheme.  It also bears a resemblance to a favorite Pokemon character 'Pikachu'.  When this artist is not creating sculptures for Cathedrals he's covering the globe choosing rare and unique animals to portray to exacting clarity.   From around 2003 to 2016 Arial Playas amazed the art form with some amazing sculptures and then vanished.  This is the very last piece we have by this phenomenal maestro of copal.

• Hand Carved and Meticulously Sanded
• Punctiliously Painted by Hand
• Signature Signed by the Artist
• All in one carving with removable Tail
• Authentic Oaxacan Carving made from Copal Wood
• Originating from Arial Playas studio in Oaxaca city
• Ascetically One of a Kind Celebrated Mexican Folk Art
• Minimalist Bauhaus Sleek Brown, Black and White Style

Dimension Approx. 12" L x 7" tall (medium-large)

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