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Towering Vampiro

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Bats are a revered creature in Zapotec myths.  Bat masks are found in the ruins of Monte Alban and permeate to present day in the art of Oaxaca.  David Blas finds the fine balance between whimsical and supernatural with this towering broad winged creation.  Magentas and oranges of the wings balance with the indigo and greens of the body.  Impressive work that is big, powerful and strange.

Dimensions Approx. 10" tall x 8" wide


"The Nahual vampire piece arrived yesterday. It was in perfect condition and  
had obviously been packed with care. Thank you for this attention to  detail
and also for the rapid shipment.
I find the carving to be even more spectacular than its picture on your web  
site conveyed. The color is wonderful and the whole figure, both carving and  
painting, is so skillfully rendered. It will make a strong addition to  my
small collection. All of the previous pieces I have acquired over the  years are
depictions of animals. The new piece is the first  of an fantastic subject. I
am intrigued by the artists very skillful  and imaginative melding of the
human with the bat and frog. Both the concept and  the physical flow of the lines
make the piece outstanding in  my view.
Do you have any additional information about the artist, David Blas? The  
only other reference I detected on your site was the offering of a  crocodile
figure by this artist.

Thank you for a pleasant experience."