Dark chocolate good for the mind and body

March 29, 2016

Dark chocolate good for the mind and body

Dark Chocolate Brain Booster

Eating chocolate could help to sharpen up the mind and give a short-term boost to cognitive skills, a University of
Nottingham expert has found.  A study led by Professor Ian Macdonald found that consumption of a cocoa drink rich in
flavanols  a key ingredient of dark chocolate  boosts blood flow to key areas of the brain for two to three hours.

Increased blood flow to these areas of the brain may help to increase performance in specific tasks and boost general
alertness over a short period.The findings, unveiled at one of the biggest scientific conferences in America, also raise the
prospect of ingredients in chocolate being used to treat vascular impairment, including dementia and strokes, and thus for
maintaining cardiovascular health.

The study also suggests that the cocoa flavanols found in chocolate could be useful in enhancing brain function for people
fighting fatigue, sleep deprivation, and even the effects of ageing.


Our fresh micro batches of Oaxacan chocolate arrive every few weeks. 

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March 27, 2016

400 Aztec Rabbits

Port Wahakaa Oaxacan Rabbit Conejo Moon

The artists of Oaxaca are deep rooted in Aztec mythology from the Popol Vuh .  Every animal usually has a number of folk tales surrounding it's origins and clues to their perceived personality.  For the western world Easter has some puzzling pagan ear markings (pun intended) of rabbits hiding brightly decorated Easter eggs.

In Aztec Mythology, the goddess Mayahuel rules both fertility and the maguey or agave plant. Along with the god Patecatl, she protects the maguey and its fermented sap, or pulque. One night, in a fit of passion, Patecatl and Mayahuel consummated their relationship and Mayahuel found herself pregnant.

Mayahuel Moon Goddess

She gave birth to the Centzon Totochtin or 400 Rabbits, who were nurtured on pulque from her many breasts, and grew into the Gods of Drunkenness. These divine rabbits travel through the land, frequent parties and gatherings and deliver the gift of drunkenness to the people, with each Rabbit representing the different ways in which a person can experience intoxication.

Our Gallery has an amazing assortment of Rabbits (Conejos) simply do a search for the word:  Rabbit

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March 22, 2016

Fresh Chocolate Arrives

Today's fresh shipment of Oaxacabars were so incredibly fresh we could smell the chocolate through the box.  Upon Sampling we were amazed at the powerful cinnamon that creeps up on you after that initial darkest of dark chocolate bite.  These milk free bars are nothing but the pure power of chocolate cacao and immediately melt in your mouth.  

Incredibly fair priced for chocolate of this high tier quality.  Our chocolate comes from the same region the original purveyors of cacao 'the Aztecs' got theirs.  Sourced from the southern rain forests of Oaxaca and the Chiapas.

Order some chocolate bars while they last..Click Here..

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March 20, 2016

Virtual Tour of Arrazola

Tour Virtual Arrazola Oaxaca Port Wahakaa

See the sights of the village situated beneath the ancient city of Monte Alban.  A vivid tour of color along cobble stone streets and dust swept roads.  Visit the artists on main street and the outer perimeter. 

Take A Tour Here



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March 20, 2016

Cacti in Bloom in the Deserts of the Sierra Madre Oaxaca Mexico Alebrije Artists

Blooming Cactus Carvings Butterfly Oaxaca Sierra Madre

Many new arrivals indicate spring is being celebrated in Sierra Del Sur Oaxaca.  Impressive flowering cacti, insects, and desert dwellers such as chameleons, armadillos, and roadrunner.

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So make an account and join our email list.  Support artists families and indigenous chocolate producers in the Oaxaca region and their practiced traditions. Celebrate original art that inspires all kinds of creativity in all social strata the world over.   Own  original artwork, taste chocolate in the pure form. Live the Renaissance lifestyle starting today.


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March 20, 2016

2016 Year of the Monkey Celebrated Through Oaxacan Artists Mexico Manuel Jimenez

We move into our 20th year of existence in the year of the Monkey.  A mythic,  symbolic and cosmological animal that is celebrated in the widest range of artist styles in Oaxacan Woodcarving.  To see the par excellence pieces we have in the gallery simply type the word "monkey" in the search at the top left to see them.


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Amor Valentine & 12 Chocolates

March 20, 2016

Amor Valentine & 12 Chocolates

Valentine Amor Milagros and Chocolate

We received a small assortment of Milagros winged Cherubs for Valentines 2016.  These are painted in the theme of the Valentine Holiday.  For only $19 you get twelve Oaxacabar Chocolates with each Amor Valentine Cherub purchase!  Show those you love your appreciation for hand painted art and the highest grade Cacao chocolates from Oaxaca.


Order Here


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