Our Company

Port Wahakaa is a family owned and operated importer of Oaxacan carvings and chocolate in the U.S. Our passion started as admiring collectors who chanced upon cruder unsigned carvings from the late seventies and early eighties.

Benito Juárez National Par

Although we are not affiliated nor a member of a fair trade organization we have always operated in that same manner. We buy from individual artists at their prices and most of the time that dictates the range of prices.

Village path crossing Oaxaca Mexico

As you research Oaxacan carving around the web you will find we are not the cheapest and by far not the most expensive. But we are the best in overall quality and knowledge about the artists we sell. We have been referenced in several magazines pertaining to carving, dog art, and oddly enough cuisine.

Manuel Jimenez Working in Studio Arrazola Oaxaca Mexico

Our web site strives to be a source for everyone. From the first time enthusiasts to longtime collectors we have something for all.

Orders are almost always processed the next day on weekdays and confirmation is given twice.

Sierra Madre de Oaxaca