Port Wahakaa Returns

Shipping Oaxacan Carvings has been our forte since 1996. What we have learned is that woodcarvings can be as durable as bricks or as fragile as fine china. For that reason we pack each piece as if it were a Faberge Dodo Egg.

In the rare occasion that a piece is broken in transit insurance covers the entire cost. We estimate about one or two at most being damaged a year.

If by chance you are unsatisfied with the quality of what you have received we will honor returns within 14 days of the purchase. However, for returns other than our own error Port Wahakaa cannot reimburse shipping.

The sender returning the item is responsible for insuring the package in case the returned items arrived damaged. Failure to insure a return will void our ability to re-credit sender if the item is received damaged.