Oaxacan Artistry Quality Pledge

Here at Port Wahakaa we are incredibly picky and particular about every piece we sell. We have visited art galleries all over the United States and Mexico and have seen how Oaxacan Woodcarvings are presented. Often they are mishandled by shoppers or exposed to elements. We see them displayed in front of hot lights or bright sunny windows, gathering dust on a shelf, or with fingerprints from dirty hands. We've seen it all so we take the opposite approach.

Here is what sets us apart from other shops and galleries:

1. Our pieces are never on public display they go from the artist to us and then to you. Never are they sitting in a store or being handled. Nobody has ever picked them up to have the ears/tail fall onto the ground. We give them the pristine treatment they deserve. Each one a collectable work of art to arrive to you in NEW condition.

2. Our woodcarvings are inspected, lightly cleaned, cataloged, each removable piece individually wrapped and then stored in sealed boxes in a dry cool room in the low seventy degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures they are as new as the day they arrived at Port Wahakaa.

In addition the work done by our artists have been specifically commissioned for Port Wahakaa. For nearly 30 years we have insisted on their best pieces.  Some artists are able to complete dozens of sculptures in a year while some less than a handful. Our main aim is to showcase a cross section of artists in the region who have a passion for what they do and present them here for you. Some can carve extremely well, others are astute painters, while some have an endearing artistic flair they are able to capture.  

We enthusiastically stand behind each and every piece in the gallery.  The testimonials from enthusiasts and collectors are usually stating they are better than the photograph and how they compete with some of their collection favorites. We guarantee the ones you purchase from us will be uniquely different and meet all your high marks making them something you treasure indefinitely.