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Dutch Ginger Kato Bella Custom  Alebrije Sculptures
 Dutch and Ginger meet Alebrije Ginger & Dutch looked over by Kato and Bella....

Ships Same or Next Day from Central Texas

Since 1996 Port Wahakaa continues to sell fragile one of a kind sculptures of the highest quality.  Hand carved and painted figures of wood from the celebrated artist families in the Oaxaca region of Mexico.  Everything you see on our site is part of our 900+ piece evolving inventory.  Nearly three decades of working with artists and their families to find the very best sculptures available. 

Everything we sell is new and kept in immaculate condition going to customers never touched by the outside world.

We go out of our way to say this because we know a lot of Mexican shops sell their store traffic inventory where people can handle the merchandise. Something you see on their site may be sitting in the showroom being picked up and handled throughout the day. Gathering dust, finger oils, and being exposed to the elements.

At Port Wahakaa you can have piece of mind you are the first customer to handle your work of art woodcarving.

Our  Animaltios, Festivos, and Alebrijes get the ultimate high premium shipping treatment. Oaxacan Woodcarvings can be delicate depending on the artist and their method of creation.  In addition to decades of working with the artists  and giving them feedback on more resilient designs we have developed a tenacity in thorough and generous packing methods utilizing the premium higher cost packaging materials such as tissue, bubble wrap, heavyweight newsprint, and thick high grade capacious boxes.  We always hand deliver to our favored  trusted official US Post Office.

Dodo Birds Ship their Fragile Eggs with Port Wahakaa


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Since 2002 we almost exclusively use USPS Priority Mail because it is the most economical best of both worlds when comparing to FedEx or UPS. In most instances Priority Mail is flown to it's destination and we have found that to be far superior than ground for extremely fragile items.  Don't take our word for it see our customer testimonials page.