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Shipping Same or Next Day from Austin Texas USA

Port Wahakaa sells fragile (sometimes extremely fragile) one of a kind hand carved and painted sculptures of wood. Since 1998 we have developed a 98.9% annual success rate factoring in global destination, time of year, and holiday rushes. Unlike other shops that can throw their items in a bubble wrapped envelop and send ground Port Wahakaa Alebrijes do not have that luxury. Oaxacan Woodcarvings can be extremely fragile depending on the artist and their method.

Each and every carving leaving Port Wahakaa is sent in the best packaging materials available. New boxes, premium paper, tissue, and ample bubble wrap ensure your new carving arrives in pristine condition. We barely break even using all of these packing materials in every order but don’t ever want to risk any kind of damage to sculptures that are immaculate at the of time shipping and deserve to be that way upon opening on the receiving end.

Since 2002 we almost exclusively use USPS Priority Mail because it is the most economical best of both worlds when comparing to FedEx or UPS. In most instances Priority Mail is flown to it's destination and we have found that to be far superior than ground for extremely fragile items.  Don't take our word for it see our customer testimonials page.

Pristine Packaging Premium Materials

Dodo Birds Ship their Fragile Eggs with Port Wahakaa