Oaxacabar Chocolates Cacao Bean Roasted

Since their inception in 2010 Oaxacabars have amazed and impressed chocolate lovers with simple ingredients, roasted cacao beans, cane sugar, cinnamon, and hints of almond.  Connoisseur's know the beans are the best part of the chocolate pod (each pod contains 30-50 beans shaped like a flat almonds) which is all we use in our bars.  No butter or fillers of any kind in our Zapotec style chocolate.   Each sheet of 100 bite sized bars is vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. 

The bars are made in the traditional chocolate shops in the Spanish colonial city of Oaxaca.  The methods for production have changed little over the decades.  Folks in the surrounding area travel into the city just for the rare treat of sampling the fresh ground roasted chocolate.  The beans are locally harvested in the chocolate farms in the rainforest areas of the Chiapas and Oaxaca which also makes them incredibly unique.

Another alternative to eating the chocolates is making a frothy famous cup of Oaxacan Hot Chocolate which requires two bars.  We promise it will make for the best Hot Chocolate you have ever had. 

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