Educational Discounts for Teachers Educating Students About Oaxacan Woodcarving

House of Maximiliano Morales Oaxacan Woodcarver Master Artist Arrazola

The techniques of painting and carving along with the selecting of copal branches are passed on from teacher to student.  Brush sizes, types of paint, sanding, shaping, carving, methods of seasoning the wood are crucial to the final composition. Some artists are so secretive they never allow their neighbors or people outside the family to see their completed creations.  Sometimes all it takes are some very good samples to spark an eager minds creativity.  

Children Artist Painters in the Carving Village of San Antonio Arrazola Oaxaca Mexico

We are very supportive of teachers who would like to teach Oaxacan Woodcarving in classrooms and offer a 10%-15% discount on gallery items in stock. Percentages are based on the time of the year and available inventory.  Please use our contact form prior to ordering.  We would love to hear about your program and how it challenges or inspires the students.  The links for contact page are on the left and bottom.

Young Boys Carve and Sand Oaxacan Carvings Copal Wood