Luxuriant, immaculate, and matchlessly singular - Maria's caracoles are her most remarkable and strikingly dissimilar among the splendid creatures of the wild. Constructed with the utmost consideration and skill, each caracole is made of the finest material and design. Hirosaki Snail offers a piece of art that encapsulates the magnificence of the natural world. The timeless artistry and excellence of Maria's caracoles make them an everlasting item that will infuse pleasure to any space for years to come.

• Embellished with the Artist's Signature
• Unique Oaxacan Carving crafted from valuable Copal Wood
• Stand-Alone Carving
• Origin of This Sculpture is the hamlet of San Martin
• Aesthetically Incomparable Mexican Folk Art
• Floral Surreal San Martin Style Brushwork of Outstanding Quality

Dimensions Approx. 3 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" L (Small-Medium)

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