Everbrite yellow beak hummingbird in lively eye catching colors that help hide it in the backdrop of a blooming roses. Uniquely made with Zompantle wood.

Dimensions Approx 6" wide x 4" tall

"I love to purchase from Port Wahakaa not only because your products are of such high quality but also, because of the care that you take in packaging the items to ensure they are not damaged in transit. It is always a treat when I get one of your packages to open it up. It's like getting a Christmas package during the year. I carefully remove the tape and unwrap the item to ensure that I don't damage the carving, and then, there it is bright and beautiful and prettier than I expected. I am in a Secret Pal program at my church, and every year I give a Oaxacan Woodcarving to my Secret Pal. I have recommended your site on several occasions to friends as a good place to go to get a unique and beautiful gift for a friend or loved one, and I, of course, will continue to shop Port Wahakaa because I love the wood carvings.

H. Shierry"