400 Aztec Rabbits

March 27, 2016

Port Wahakaa Oaxacan Rabbit Conejo Moon

The artists of Oaxaca are deep rooted in Aztec mythology from the Popol Vuh .  Every animal usually has a number of folk tales surrounding it's origins and clues to their perceived personality.  For the western world Easter has some puzzling pagan ear markings (pun intended) of rabbits hiding brightly decorated Easter eggs.

In Aztec Mythology, the goddess Mayahuel rules both fertility and the maguey or agave plant. Along with the god Patecatl, she protects the maguey and its fermented sap, or pulque. One night, in a fit of passion, Patecatl and Mayahuel consummated their relationship and Mayahuel found herself pregnant.

Mayahuel Moon Goddess

She gave birth to the Centzon Totochtin or 400 Rabbits, who were nurtured on pulque from her many breasts, and grew into the Gods of Drunkenness. These divine rabbits travel through the land, frequent parties and gatherings and deliver the gift of drunkenness to the people, with each Rabbit representing the different ways in which a person can experience intoxication.

Our Gallery has an amazing assortment of Rabbits (Conejos) simply do a search for the word:  Rabbit