Dark chocolate good for the mind and body

Dark chocolate good for the mind and body

March 29, 2016

Dark Chocolate Brain Booster

Eating chocolate could help to sharpen up the mind and give a short-term boost to cognitive skills, a University of
Nottingham expert has found.  A study led by Professor Ian Macdonald found that consumption of a cocoa drink rich in
flavanols  a key ingredient of dark chocolate  boosts blood flow to key areas of the brain for two to three hours.

Increased blood flow to these areas of the brain may help to increase performance in specific tasks and boost general
alertness over a short period.The findings, unveiled at one of the biggest scientific conferences in America, also raise the
prospect of ingredients in chocolate being used to treat vascular impairment, including dementia and strokes, and thus for
maintaining cardiovascular health.

The study also suggests that the cocoa flavanols found in chocolate could be useful in enhancing brain function for people
fighting fatigue, sleep deprivation, and even the effects of ageing.


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