Day of the Dead Celebrated throuth the Magic in the Trees OaxacanWoodcarving

Day of the Dead Celebrated throuth the Magic in the Trees OaxacanWoodcarving

October 20, 2017

Day of the Dead Cemetary Skeleton Canoe

Dia de los Muertos is when the spirits come back to visit their families. Every house, store, cemetery, and zocalo have an alter to welcome back their loved ones. These temporary shrines contain a photo of the person, favorite drinks and food, mezcal, and keepsakes the dead may miss like left behind paraphernalia .

Cloaked Clergy Candle Vigil Day of the Dead Figures

Copal incense and candles elevate prayers of the living. It is very important to build an alter for a specific person otherwise you could invite back a bad or lost soul or possibly devils.
Skeletons Out of the Closet Oaxaca Day of the Dead

Days of the Dead are on November 1 and 2, however in Oaxaca lot of the festivities begin a week in advance. Parades on various streets meet in the zocalo, performers, vendors, clowns, and costumed kids and adults. On Halloween day the downtown cemetery in old downtown becomes the nexus of activities. 

Painted Faces Dead Can Dance

There you will see amazing costumes and artfully painted faces.  Candles light the way.  Tombs of loved ones graves are festooned with decorations and food.  Here food is served and people dine around the graves celebrating.
Parade of Skeletons Day of the Dead Oaxaca

Day of the Dead is by far the biggest event of the year in Oaxaca.  The character creations and inventions inspire everyone.  From kids smeared in motor oil looking like devils to beautiful women in formal wear faces painted as skeletons. 

The Dogs Come back on the Day of the Dead

Most of all it's a time for families to remember, acknowledge and appreciate the lineage of those that lived before them or the recently near and dear. 

October Harvest of the Dead Oaxaca

In the 21st century the concept are being mainstreamed into movies giving the world a glimpse of elaborate fashion and purpose. 

Shrine of the Day of the Dead Clergy and Banker

Oaxacan carvers produce very special themed pieces only at this time of year and we as collectors prize those uniquely one of a kind skeletons, devils, and nahuals for their thematic connection to the world beyond sight.

Cowboy Mexico Skeletons Day of the Dead