Guelaguetza reigns in Oaxaca Mexico Summer Dance Events Arena Expo

July 28, 2017

The Gift of Corn was a gift meant to keep on giving.

Giving Zapotec Aztec God of Corn

On the two Mondays that Guelaguetza reigns in Oaxaca. The time honored celebration of the corn goddess, Centeotl and the feast of Corpus Christi.  A fusion of traditional and Spanish cuisines.  Featured in the parade is the woman who represents the deity in the life and death of a Zapotec princess and the cult of the Virgin Del Carmen.
Parade in Oaxaca
The inner colonial city hosts the festival to honor pre-Hispanic cultures.  To Mexico, Oaxaca is the hub where the largest native indigenous population exists in tact.  Between 50-60% of the residents have strong ties to the major Zapotec and Mixtec culture.  Unique languages, gods, textiles, food and more characterize a uniquely ancient culture. In addition there are Oaxacan Chinese and Fisherman from Union Hildago who offer up song, syrup, and their own traditional garb.

Oaxacan Traditional Dancers

Copal Song Guelaguetza

At the main event are seven groups representing seven regions of the state performing samples of their dancing in a large arena amphitheater.  Seat holders cheer along to lively dancers and vocalists. In recent years sports competitions, theater performances, and artistic exhibitions are found throughout the city.  Weather in July is some of the very best in Oaxaca.  The air is very clean after the rains and everything is very green.  One of the best times to visit.

Oaxaca Guelaguetza event Stadium