This pig plays the trumpet so fervently his head is red. Abundance of colorful energy. For decades Martin Melchor has created a zoomorphic array of animated musical maestros in the medium sculpture sizes. Purity of colors paired with a magical simplistic expression.

Their lively, vivacious presence will bring a much-needed jolt of joy to your home — perfect for those times where you just need a pick-me-up! And with intricate brass details and a splash of vibrant pigment, they’ll add an extra dose of pizzazz to any room.

• Hand Carved and Meticulously Sanded
• Stylishly Hand Painted
• Signature Signed by the Artist
• Authentic Oaxacan Carving made from prized Copal Wood
• Single Piece Body with Removable Trumpet 
• Origin of This Carving is the village of San Martin
• Ascetically One of a Kind Celebrated Mexican Folk Art

Dimensions Approx. 6 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" deep (Medium)

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