Astonishingly, hummingbirds fluttering around flourishing cacti is a beautiful sight to behold! It's a reminder of the enchanting, mysterious world around us, if we take the time to observe. We adore the intricate grooves of the cactus and its vivid, wide-eyed insects that move up and down the succulent. Lastly, the extended beak of the colibri perches inside one of the flowers..  

• Hand Carved and Meticulously Sanded
• Punctiliously Painted by Hand
• Signature Signed by the Artists
• Multi-piece carving flowers remove as do bird feathers
• Authentic Oaxacan Carving made from encino wood
• Originating from Tribus Mixes studio in Oaxaca city
• Ascetically One of a Kind Celebrated Mexican Folk Art
• Textured tactile relief painting style

Dimensions Approx. 12" L x 5 1/2" tall x 5" wide (Large)

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