Green Sun Bull
$ 137.00
Gold Star Ram
$ 64.00
Tortuga Limón
$ 68.00
Marciano Alien
$ 67.00
Sea Turtle Palm
$ 68.00
Diablita Nun
$ 85.00

See the Sea Splendor

Pacifica Copal Creations

New pieces arrived this week from Arrazola.  Amongst the splendid sea creatures are some impressive antelopes, jaguars, rams, and bulls.  These will be highly appealing for the collectors who love the finely detailed fitting in the palm of the hand works. 

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Behemoth Beach Walkers

Juming Jaibas Crab Walkers Ghost

This summer walking in the from the sandy shoals are some of the largest most colorful crabs we've seen in over two decades.  These towering alien looking jaibas of impressive stature comb the beach looking to socialize with other colorful decapods.  Very intricate and a very sublime addition to a collection.



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Collector's Club


For years people have asked if Port Wahakaa had a rewards type club.  Only until now do we have the ability to do this.  It starts by simply making an account which with the double layer of security we have  you can do with confidence.  The only other apprehension would be thinking we would sell your information like the some of the major players of the internet.  Rest assured we are only concerned with Oaxacan Art and nothing beyond that.  This is a system where your purchases go toward present and future purchases.

The Collectors Club has many ways to earn Rewards:

Simply Make an Account - It’s easy and confidential (we do nothing with your information).  Right there you have 300 points instantly. Logically note this is the only way to start the rewards program.  Signing up is Free and so are many of the ways to generate points.

Follow us on Twitter - Earn 100 points when you follow us on Twitter

Referral Program - Earn 500 points for every time you refer a friend who spends over $5.00

Facebook Page Visit - Earn 50 points when you visit our Facebook page

Punch Card - Earn 600 points after making 3 purchases

Page Visit - Earn 25 points when you visit our store

Read Content - Earn 75 points when you read our content

Tweet About Us - Earn 50 points when you tweet about us

Points For Purchases - Earn 5 points for every $1.00 you spend in our store

So to begin click the Green Tab that says "Earn Rewards" click on the link that says "Create Account" and you are on your way.

Don Manuel Jimenez  Inventor of Oaxacan Wood Carving


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